Your Wedding Festival Galentine's Prize Package will Surprise & Delight!

We LOVE celebrations! Is there a better month to celebrate brides and friendships than February?? We've packed this prize package full for you!

  • Your 60-90 minute session is free for you and your guests.

  • We'll bring the fun to you*

  • This is a no makeup removal sesh :) - casual, no need to sit at the table

  • You and guests can get FOUR bonus gifts before the sesh date!

  • Guests will each receive a Gift Card* to use at your sesh!

  • There will be fun prizes and so much more :)

While there is no purchase required, there will be special Deals & Steals just for this event for you and your guests to enjoy.

  • You will receive a $50 Gift Card* with 5 guests 18+
  • You will receive a $100 Gift Card*with 10 guests 18+

Schedule your TENTATIVE date by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to receive your bonus gift for you and a swag bag for you and each guest.

You can also Text or Call Carol's office at


**** Due to the nature of bringing the fun to you, my office will confirm your date and time via phone call or text.